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Plan your Uruguay fishing trip. Anytime. Best is December - March. Dove Hunting available all year with the dorado fishing.

How Much?

Deposits (non-refundable) is payable by check, mastercard, or visa. Deposits for the Dorado fishing trip is $500/person.

How to Book?

Just contact Los Gauchos Outfitters and we will assist with the travel to Salto - located in the northwest part of Uruguay.
Dorado Fishing - Uruguay Fishing

Dorado Fishing is a unique fishing trip in Uruguay. Fishing for dorado takes place out of the Uruguay River. For those anglers looking to catch the goal setting trophy sized golden dorado - La Zona is the place.

Dorado fishing in Uruguay is a catch and release program. And we focus on the catching.

doraod fishing site - los gauchos outfitters Salto is a city that is famous for the hot thermal springs and the Uruguay river that separates Argentina and Uruguay.

This large river is also home to the Golden Dorado fish. A freshwater species that can reach up to 50 lbs. are abundant and ready to give the angler a fight and exciting fishing adventure.

Los Gauchos Outfitters is proud to offer the best dorado fishing in the La Zona area of the River. This area of the water requires a special license that few are able to obtain. Los Gauchos provides the boats, professional guides, and access to this famous area that anglers all over the world strive to fish.
Little About Golden Dorado Fish

The Golden dorado is a large river fish that is located in South America. While many have heard or even been fishing for the saltwater dorado - the Uruguay dorado is not related to any species of salmon, nor to the saltwater fish also called dorado.

The Golden Dorado have large heads, with powerful jaws that also contain sharp teeth. The mature Dorado is about 15 inches long, and have a vibrant golden color.

Sizes vary for the Golden Dorado found in the fresh waters of Uruguay. The average size of the golden dorado is about 3-10 kilograms.

The largest recorded size for a trophy dorado is 69 pounds. The trophy sized dorado are found in the specialized area called La Zona.

Los Gauchos allows our clients access to this area as it is controlled by permits to enter and fish.